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Educational Services for Students in Transition

Who are Transitional Youth?

    Children who are homeless:

    • Live in shelters or transitional housing
    • Live in a dwelling with multiple families out of economic necessity
    • Live in substandard housing such as garages or sheds,
    cars, campers, or public spaces

    Children in foster care:

    • Have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect
    • Are under the supervision of the Juvenile Dependency Court
    • Are placed in foster homes, relative foster care, group homes, or are at home under court-ordered Family Maintenance Services.
    • Can be on probation and assigned by the court to out-of-home placement

    Our Services

      TYS provides a range of supplemental educational support services to help improve academic outcomes for transitional youth. Anyone involved in a child's life can make a referral to TYS for assistance.

      Services include:

      • Tutoring and mentoring
      • Assistance accessing and navigating educational services
      • Credit assessment, attendance checks, records review
      • Ongoing educational case management
      • Enrichment programs
      • Systems improvement within education and social services