Services For Students in Foster Care

Transitional Youth Services is funded by the California Department of Education to protect the educational rights of foster youth and help improve their educational outcomes. At any one time, Santa Barbara County typically has about 550 kids in foster care. The term “foster youth” applies to: youth who have been placed outside their home due to abuse or neglect. Their cases are determined by the Dependency side of the Juvenile Court, and overseen by the Child Welfare Services department. youth who have been placed outside their home due to their own misconduct. Their cases are decided by the Delinquency court and overseen by the Juvenile Probation Department. The Transitional Youth Services program provides the following assistance to the county’s foster youth, and to schools and social service providers that work with them:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring, support, goal setting
  • Educational case management
  • After-school and summer programs
  • Records collection, credit compiling, immunizations
  • Assistance with enrollment, transportation, access to school services
  • Assistance accessing college and jobs
  • School supplies
  • Referrals to services
  • Coordination of services between schools and the social service system
  • Advocacy and training on the educational needs of homeless and foster youth